Holey Moley – Human Wakka Mole

Holey Moley – Human Wakka Mole Galway

People of all ages can try their hand at the Wakka mole, a seven-player high adrenalin game where speed skill and quick reflexes will ensure that one mole or two if in a team will take ALL of the balls and leave the other moles standing! Sounds easy? Of course not, as the hungry moles pop up to grab their balls, a human is in the center wielding an inflatable hammer to whack them on the head and stop them from being greedy! The game is played inside or outside with teams of seven people. You need at least three players for it to work properly but preferably 5 or 7.

Unlike other versions of mole that allow players one chance to dig for the balls, in Human Wakka Mole there are three chances for each mole to grab their ball. The first time they pop up and grab their ball, it is placed behind their back. If another player hits them with a ball, they then take it and place it behind their back again. Each time this occurs the number of points they get is increased. This way, if a player pops up and grabs a ball but is hit with another one before he can put his first ball behind his back, he then has to collect the balls that are lying on the ground before he can pick up any new ones!

Moles: Before you start playing you need to decide who will be the moles. If there are a lot of players, you could have one mole for each team but if there are only two teams, divide them into two groups of three or four and have each group pair up to make their own team of moles! Once the players know who is going to be the moles they need to stand at the start. The rest of the players stand behind them in rows – if there are 7 players, then there should be one row for each player and a spare mole ready to join in when they are eliminated!

The number of balls is decided before you get started but it works best with thirty balls so take that many (or more!) from your garden and spread them around the field. If you are doing this in your own garden, make sure you know where every ball is going to go ahead of time! The player who will be the mole for the first game stands at the back with all of the other moles. Everyone else takes a ball each and stands behind their team members ready to throw them.

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The Game

The game begins with the moles popping up to grab their balls and the first player throwing his ball at whichever mole he wants to hit. All of the other players must then follow by throwing a ball at everyone! Moles can pick up any new balls that they collect but are not allowed to put any behind their backs. Once a player has hit a mole with his ball it is their turn to throw again, even if the moles have already put some balls behind their backs (the only time they can do this). The person standing at the back may join in and be one of the moles when he or she thinks that they are either fast enough to dodge the balls or good enough to catch them!

After a while, if there is more than one mole left in the game, then it is likely that they will begin working together. If there is only one mole left standing and he manages to collect all of the balls then everyone else must chase him around and try to grab his bag before he can get back to the start! The number of points that are awarded depends on how many balls each player has collected. If there is only one mole then he gets 25 pts, two moles = 20pts, three moles=15pts and four or more moles = 10pts.

If a mole is hit with a ball before he picks up a new one, then the player who hit him gets all of the points that have been collected by that mole! This can lead to a lot of arguments but it is part of the fun and makes you really think about where you throw your balls.

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